# nodl stuck at upgrade

Applies to:

nodl One (black, etched logo) with activated disk encryption and nodl Dojo (red, etched logo)

# Symptom

During upgrading, your nodl might be stuck at one of the upgrading steps.

# Solution

  1. ssh into your nodl (opens new window) as root.

  2. Expand the Terminal window.

  3. run pstree -p

  4. find the longest line which contains nodl-installer and find the FIRST occurence of “node” in this line, write down the number near this node process.

  5. run kill <NUMBER> where <NUMBER> is the process number you wrote down.

  6. This should resume the upgrade. Once the upgrade is done run the upgrade again.

If the above solution didn't work, open a support ticket by emailing to support@nodl.it.