This is an old version pending rewriting

Once in a while you might want to update your nodl in order to run the latest version of the software and make sure you benefit from all of its latest features.

In order to do so you need to log into the nodl.

# Steps

Open your favorite browser to your nodl homepage and log in as the administrator

If the login is succesful, the nodl will tell you so and you will have access to more information on the various apps you are running (url, macaroons, passwords and so on) .

All you need to do is click on the schedule install button

once you have clicked on schedule install the button will be replaced with update requested and nodl will go fetch for any new version of the software available and install it automatically.

You will know when the install is completed as the original schedule install reappear.

If you would like to know what version of the software you are running at any time, just look to the very bottom of the nodl home screen.