# Ride the Lightning! with RTL

Ride the Lightning (RTL) is a powerful graphical user interface for Lightning created by Shahana Farooqi (opens new window) and Suheb (opens new window)

You can heck out the Ride the Lightning Github page here (opens new window)

# Steps

In order to use RTL you need to login to your nodl and make sure both Bitcoin and LND are running.

You can then go to the Ride the Lightning Tile and click on "Open RTL". The RTL user interface will open in a new tab on your internet browser. To login to RTL, simply use the login that is hidden on your nodl user interface by clicking the “Show password” button under the Ride the Lightning Tile.

You should now see your RTL node dashboard.

In the top right corner, you will find a scroll down menu which gives access to the help section.

Just follow it step by step and you will learn how to:

  1. Fund your node
  2. Connect to peers
  3. Open channels
  4. Manage channels
  5. Make Payments
  6. Use Invoices to receive payments
  7. Querying routes
  8. And more…