# Device stuck in unlock

Applies to:

nodl One (black, etched logo) with activated disk encryption and nodl Dojo (red, etched logo)

# Symptoms

After entering unlock password, your device stays on the "Device successfully unlocked, please wait for second stage" screen or goes back to the password input box.

# Cause

Sometimes, md (the subsystem responsible for RAID) decides the device wasn't cleanly shut down and decides to go into read-only mode for safety. Although nodl One doesn't have a second drive, it is RAID-ready so this can happen as well.

# Solution

First, ssh into your nodl (opens new window) as rock.

After you're logged in, run the following commands:

sudo mdadm --readwrite md0

sudo mdadm --readwrite md1

If the commands are running without any error, you're all set!