# device stuck in unlock

Applies to:

nodl One (black, etched logo) with activated disk encryption and nodl Dojo (red, etched logo)

# Symptoms

After entering unlock password, your device stays on the "Device successfully unlocked, please wait for second stage" screen or goes back to the password input box.

# Cause

Sometimes, md (the subsystem responsible for RAID) decides the device wasn't cleanly shut down and decides to go into read-only mode for safety. Although nodl One doesn't have a second drive, it is RAID-ready so this can happen as well.

# Solution

You need to SSH into the boot environment, using

$ ssh -p 22222 rock@nodl-name.local

If for some reason you cannot reach your device, connect via your device IP address:

$ ssh -p 22222 rock@ip-address

If this is your first time connecting through ssh, you will be prompted to verify the ssh host key. Simply answer yes.

The password is in the paper you received with your device.

After you're logged in, run the following commands:

$ sudo mdadm --readwrite md0

$ sudo mdadm --readwrite md1

If the commands are running without any error, you're all set!